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You bet we can create your Logo and Corporate Identity :)

Your logo and corporate identity is your "first impression" to any potential client so it needs to be memorable (in a good way). But most of all, it needs to accurately represent who you are and what you are about.

At Broken Arrow, we design your logo as vector-art so no matter where you choose to use it (small ads or oversized billboards) or how you choose to use it (colour, greyscale, black & white or reverse) it will be readable and recognizable. You will also receive logo files you can use for your website, social media or in Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

For your corporate identity we provide you with business cards, letterhead (print and Word version) and envelopes that compliment your new logo and if you'd like, we create powerpoint templates too.


To ensure your company's identity and brand stays consistent, a Corporate Guidelines document is recommended so your staff or sub-contractors have a clear vision to follow. This includes primary Pantone colours (colours of your logo), secondary Pantone colours (complimentary colours), and font usage. If you need us to take it a step further, sample brochures, ads, displays, banners—pretty much whatever your business may need—can be created for your Guidelines.

Below are just a handful of logos we've had the pleasure to create or refresh for our clients.

Inspiration, Manifesting, Inspire

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